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A personal introduction is more valuable than a thousand contacts. 

De Luc's Consulting is focused on bringing together

the accomplished & the striving,

the east & west,

the established & the emerging markets.

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What We Do

We build bridges between worlds by developing strategies & carrying out boutique experiences. 

Each relationship is customized to meet the needs of our clients and to create an impact that is measurable. 

Please get in touch with us today to learn how De Luc's Consulting can help your future success.

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Art & Cultural Diplomacy

Creating experiences between cultures


Market Entries

Expand Your Business and Network beyond your community

Business Meeting

Digital Leadership

Guiding new and established companies into the fourth industrial revolution


Social Responsbility

Helping charities and non-profit organizations expand

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About De Luc's Consulting

Founded and driven by Luc Richner, De Luc’s Consulting follows the steps of his life journey between Basel, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai to the mountain village of St. Moritz to the tropical Island of Bali and everything in between. Lifelong connections and strong networks have been built along the way and have ever since actively been cultivated and expanded.

Born into a family with a global entrepreneurial spirit, it was never a question that he will set out to conquer the world but more where his journey would take him. Having set up businesses in Europe, the Middle East and Asia he has learned to maneuver himself through many of the different challenges this part of the world holds.

Out of this lifelong journey De Luc’s Consulting was established and is set out to bring together the accomplished and the striving, the west and east, the established and the emerging markets & industries by building boutique experiences and strategies that bridge the cultural and economical challenges of our age.

About Us
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Contact Us

I travel frequently between Switzerland, UAE & Indonesia. 

Reach out to me to see where I may be at this time

by email, by whatsapp, or the contact form to the right.

Thank You

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